Outskirts Press Ruby Review

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PROS / You can set your own royalty rates with this company and print your book in any format including hardcover.

CONS / They charge a non-refundable down payment fee for upfront information and consultation.

VERDICT / Outlook has a healthy bookselling reach and will help you get your book seen by thousands of potential buyers, which could help you sell a lot of books.

Editor's note: The manufacturer has informed us that their service in fact does provide eBook Formatting, Library of Congress Control Number assignment, Booksellers Return Program as well as Help with Website Creation and Google Amazon Keyword Search. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Online Book Publishing site.

  1. The total number of book titles an online publishing service has published.
    More is Better
  2. 4 Outskirts Press
    12000 Books
  3. 1 Lulu
    160000000 Books
  4. Books
  5. 60000 Books
  6. Category Average
    14558913.64 Books

Outskirts Press is well suited to assist authors who are investigating online publishing companies and looking for a versatile and up-to-date publishing house. This company offers a strong package of basic services, a healthy book selling reach and a generous assortment of additional services and modern marketing options. In addition, it gives you the freedom to set your own royalty rates, which is extremely rare in the world of online book publishing. Outskirts Press has a variety of options and is a flexible and helpful solution for most authors.

With Outskirts Press’s Ruby package, you get a helpful benefit that most publishing houses do not extend to their writers. Outskirts Press gives you the freedom of setting your own royalty percentages, which is quite an advantage for individuals who have a clear idea of what their work is worth and do not want to sell themselves short. To do this, you use the Outskirts Press Pricing Calculator to help you set your royalty rates.

The Ruby paperback package generally has an average turnaround timeframe from manuscript to published volume that is between 10 and 13 weeks. This publishing package also gives you manuscript layout, barcode creation, the assignment of an ISBN number and an original cover design.

As far as promotion goes, the company will design an author webpage on its site that you can use to market your book. You also get a customized sales sheet to track your book's sales. In addition, Outskirts Press provides you with six free author copies, author discounts on books you might purchase to sell on your own and access to articles on writing and book publishing.

With more than 12,000 titles printed through Outskirts Press, the service has shown that it has what it takes to compete with larger publishers. It also is a fast-growing company making it even more appealing to writers who are considering this company as their online publishing house of choice.

As far as book selling reach and options are concerned, Outskirts Press uses Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, Inc., both of which are enormous book distributors. Your book can also be sold through the company’s online bookstore, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, Buy.com, Powells.com, Alibris.com and Abebooks.com.

Additional paid services are available through Outskirts that you can use to enhance your book itself or your marketing campaign. For an additional cost, Outskirts Press offers copyediting, copyright registration, the assignment of a Library of Congress Control number, expedited publishing, eBook formatting, custom interior placement, art creation for your book's cover design, color printing and a hardcover version.

Paid promotional services include a bookseller return program, press release writing and distribution, and written promotional materials such as bookmarks, postcards and business cards.

Outskirts Press is highly aware of the sensational power of the internet and can format your book for the Amazon Kindle for an extra fee. Another extra paid service is the highly useful See Inside the Book capability for Amazon.com. Book lovers typically are book buyers, and most people who love to read cannot resist taking an electronic peek inside a volume in an online store. Looking inside can be highly tempting to potential customers, and before you know it, many will hit the Buy button.

In addition to these modern marketing techniques, Outskirts Press can create and distribute a professional book video trailer that includes music, text and video, which it will display on its company website. The firm also will upload this trailer to social networking websites and get it out there to the public. With this company’s help, you can get potentially vast exposure on YouTube, Yahoo Video, Facebook, MySpace, Daily Motion, Twitter, Metacafe and more.

Help and support is an area where Outskirts Press shines. It offers support through a toll-free phone number and an e-mail address, and features a FAQs section on its website. The one drawback is that they do require a non-refundable down payment fee for upfront information and consultation, such as detailed information about different packages, that most companies will provide free of charge. They do have a nice chat service with helpful representatives who will answer many questions you may have initially, but truly getting started will require the down payment fee, which we find off-putting.


With so much to offer, the Ruby publishing package from Outskirts Press is feature-packed. Outskirts is certainly not the largest publisher, but it offers the right combination of features and versatility to be an excellent choice for many authors. We like the chat option and were impressed with the attentive service we received from their representatives. Overall, Outskirts Press offers a great solution for a variety of authors looking to professionally publish their work, but we do think that there should be more information available on the website and upfront without a charge.